Company Keren Ezra LTD. was founded in 2019.

Keren Ezra LTD. specializes in the acquisition and subsequent supply of industrial and technical equipment to customers, including climatological installations, sound amplifying and acoustic equipment, equipment for the food industry, equipment for cosmetic and medical purposes. For a specific project, components are purchased, after which a set of works is carried out on installation, installation and pre-sale preparation of equipment for operation.

The company is also involved in equipment for construction and building materials, provides engineering support for the project, preparation of technical documentation and architectural supervision.

The Head of the Company is engineer Uri Tkach (Ashdod, Israel). He graduated from the Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture in Ukraine in 1983. For a long time he worked as an architect-designer, specialist in ecological and “green” building in the United States (Miami) and Eastern Europe. Uri Tkach is an environmental technology specialist in construction. His projects are characterized by a high level of technical documentation, a natural combination of built objects with the environment. Currently, he is engaged in business and consulting activities in the field of modern technologies in construction and architecture.